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FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 12:00am PST
, that will be fine. >>> did sandy come in hand see? they suggested stupidly that the super storm helped president obama win re-election. here is the msnbc host on tuesday night. >> i am so glad we had that storm last week. i think the storm was one of those things. politically i should say in terms of hurting people. the storm brought in possibilities for good politics. >> reporter: i like it when somebody interrupts him, oh i mean politicalliment. >> after an avalanche of criticism they said, quote, it is a terrible thing to say. he was depply in mess and he was president thinking of the horrible mess. >> and you with all of your horrific damage you became ironically -- that gets him out of it, ironically out of a party and the climate changing power. my god he is an [bleep]. he realized as he was saying it it was stupid, and then he apologized. but if he meant it, if he meant it why apologize? >> if he was going on there the end justifies the means. that sums up the liberal mentality. they want him to win. they start with that and they go backwards from there. if children dying in a giant mudsl
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
people had no power and struggling on to find food and water in the wake of sandy. the city was united in anger after they reported that two huge generators were running day and night to power a media tebt for the race and people that didn't have power were forced to leave hotel rooms to make room for incoming marathoners probably from other countries. indeed having a marathon was as dumb as this is the light bulb. >>> wow. >> greg: i like that. all you ru thinking what about the hourgs and weeks that that guy did to do that dog do it. to put that dog through it. i'm voting libertarian. you were out raged the race was cancelled and you felt bad for the runners? >> i did. i think it should go on. we should have the st. patrick's parade on sunday. what the hell. why not. this guy didn't even visit staten island, michael bloomberg he is rich punk. i'm sorry he is callous and i think we should storm gracie mansion and get his stick on the head and run through the streets. >> greg: i have to disagree i don't think you were sorry about it. >> he wanted to have it manhattan for the 9/11 terro
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
sandy. they said that the power was shutting down in the entire sti. sti -- city, the subways would be down all week. and now they asked the manhattan d.a.'s office look into filing charges. they compared it to yelling fire at a crowded movie theater. i never heard of that? he says he hopes the pursuit of charges would mache him feel less -- would make him feel less comfortable. he was outed as the campaign manager, and he apologized for his, quote, series of irresponsible and inaccurate tweets. gavin, should tweeting false information be illegal, and should he be punished with prison time or death? >> i get all of my news from twitter. if twitter is wrong, i should go to jail. i don't need to be looking up things. twitter is the boss. if twitter is wrong, then you oh me money, expru to go away. that's how it works. i don't have to do any work. you have to do it. >> we have to tape a 90-minute show when gavin is on for everything you edit out. >> you do me wrong, and it is your fault. i don't have to do anything. >> we'll take that out because you are offending the youth. >> tom, th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)